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Mr.Tierney, I just wanted to let you know about Michael Mandigo, his assistance with my spa problem was outstanding. Employees like Michael are a real asset to any corporation. I've dealt with him before and his care and concern are commendable. He is always knowledgeable and helps me to rectify any problems I have with the Thermo Spa. I really appreciate the attention he displays. I was an operations director for 35 years and I know how... Read more

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We bought our spa well over 10 years ago. It has been useless all but 2 of those years due to bubbling and cracking shell. We complained to thermospa at that time. We also found out they were in the process of suing the acrylic manufacturer they used to produce these shells. Clearly, they knew this was a problem. I received a call from a thermospa rep who offered to replace our shell for a small price of $2500 after we had already spent $8300... Read more

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after a in home demo and pitch, I started pricing the deck and power needs. I emailed the salesman (he did not leave me a number to call him) with a question and a week later I still have not heard nothing back. Yesterday I went to an annual hot tub show in the area found one as good if not better than what themo spa showed me and for $6000.00 less. It has been a top rated by consumer reports for years, twilight series by master spas. Anyone... Read more

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Attempted to request information on purchasing a spa sending two requests in 4 months. Up to this date no information has been sent. Wonder if this is how the warranty and service would be. I'm not impressed Add comment

Thermospa's customer service is a nightmare. They are arrogant, rude and misogynistic. I have been a business owner for over 30 yrs and am quite cognizant on addressing the problem not attacking people. I asked someone in technical a time frame to expect a call back about a spa that cost over $30,000 and was abruptly told they would get back to me when they get back to me ....he then hung up on me. This company is obnoxious from the top to... Read more

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I purchase a thermo spa in 2014, since delivery it was been a nightmare of problem and repairs. Thermo spa boast about how great their spas are well that's a joke. Since delivery I have had to replace the outside panels due to buckling, replace jets inside, replace the plastic basket, 2 flow switches, leaking pipes and one other plastic part of which I cant remember the name of. Each time I called I had to wait 48 hr for the repair guy to... Read more

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After having a Royal Spa that lasted close to 15 years, we waivered on whether staying with Royal Spa or going with ThermaSpa. ThermaSpa says they do installation, well that amounts to putting in place and then they want you to have other people handy to assist with putting it in place. Then once they do that, you are on your own to get the electrical hooked-up, fill with water, balance the chemicals. There is no one to come back out to check... Read more

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Wow much hipe..about their products.thank you all for the posting..your pay back is well noted..NOT PURCHASING. dont even want them on my cell phone. Deleting everything of theirs. Add comment

What are the addresses and phone numbers to the Culver City and Los Angeles show room. Why are you not giving out the addresses and phone numbers of the store locations ? Are you still doing the late night infomercials ? If so when and What time ? are you shame to put your product on TV ? Tell me what is going on and where can I go to look at these spas in person ? Tell me tell me tell me maybe what you claimed on TV is not TRUE Read more

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Nate Felder who owns this service works for Thermo spas. He has his son working for him as well. They did a service call visit to our home stated what was wrong then charged a lot a money for the call. They said they had to order the part. Came back and it still leaked. After three more service calls with various leaks and more charges they finally fixed it. My complaint is that they arrived without a fully stocked truck and no real supplies and... Read more

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