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Not had a great experience yet still waiting for my hot tub giving me a bunch of *** and run around supposed to get my hot tub September 23 still no hot tub not happy with thermo spa at all if you're thinking of buying one do not. They took $2000 off and offered me six months of free chemicals that's great still do not have my hot tub now they told me the beginning of November I ordered this hot tub August 16 Read more

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I have a new Thermo Spa hot tub that has been in service only 6 months. It is leaking water. I called for a tech to come out a week ago. They said it would be 24 to 48 hours. I heard nothing and on the 4th day I called my salesman. He could not get anything accomplished for me at hdq. Received a call from a rather smart mouth man who said they "screwed up" and now a tech will be here on Friday, 12 days after the call to them. I want a spa... Read more

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Hi. We just had our "wonderful spa delivered today and guess what happened when we went to fill it with water----leak!!!!! And of course the representative that came to our house and took out money is not available, nor is the company. God forbid if anything happens after 5 pm HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. 17 grand!!!!!!!!!! Don't let them take your money!!!!!!!! Read more

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I have had a Thermo Spa for about 4 years. I got the Calypso 3 person for $9,500. It was Expensive but it has 30 adjustable jets. 20 in just one seat! I love the Spa. It helps with my Fibromyalgia. Delivery was quite the drama if I remember correctly the delivery guy was a sub-contractor and a bit shady.Customer Service is not the best. Had to have a repair guy out the first year for something. Can't remember what it was. Repair guy was a bit... Read more

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I need a barbed fitting that I have gotten at thermo spa several times over the past few years. I am 20 miles from the warehouse and was always able to pick up parts and supplies I needed. Now since the company has down sized the warehouse is closed and they won't sell it to me and are giving me the run around. Its a $2 special part made only by thermo spa and if I don't get it I will have a $10,000 planter on my deck! Read more

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Mr.Tierney, I just wanted to let you know about Michael Mandigo, his assistance with my spa problem was outstanding. Employees like Michael are a real asset to any corporation. I've dealt with him before and his care and concern are commendable. He is always knowledgeable and helps me to rectify any problems I have with the Thermo Spa. I really appreciate the attention he displays. I was an operations director for 35 years and I know how... Read more

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We bought our spa well over 10 years ago. It has been useless all but 2 of those years due to bubbling and cracking shell. We complained to thermospa at that time. We also found out they were in the process of suing the acrylic manufacturer they used to produce these shells. Clearly, they knew this was a problem. I received a call from a thermospa rep who offered to replace our shell for a small price of $2500 after we had already spent $8300... Read more

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after a in home demo and pitch, I started pricing the deck and power needs. I emailed the salesman (he did not leave me a number to call him) with a question and a week later I still have not heard nothing back. Yesterday I went to an annual hot tub show in the area found one as good if not better than what themo spa showed me and for $6000.00 less. It has been a top rated by consumer reports for years, twilight series by master spas. Anyone... Read more

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Attempted to request information on purchasing a spa sending two requests in 4 months. Up to this date no information has been sent. Wonder if this is how the warranty and service would be. I'm not impressed Read more

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Thermospa's customer service is a nightmare. They are arrogant, rude and misogynistic. I have been a business owner for over 30 yrs and am quite cognizant on addressing the problem not attacking people. I asked someone in technical a time frame to expect a call back about a spa that cost over $30,000 and was abruptly told they would get back to me when they get back to me ....he then hung up on me. This company is obnoxious from the top to... Read more

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