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If you are considering purchasing a Thermospas Hot Tub be aware that the sales person will tell you all about their long warranties on the shell and the electronics, but they will fail to tell you that the base is made of particle board and only has a 3 year warranty. When I turned my expensive Manhattan Platinum on the 4th season, the diverter valves blew out of the unit with a 2" column of water blowing into the air.

I shut the unit down and opened the side of the unit to see that the base had sagged and the heavy 2" hose had pulled the diverter valve down with the base as it sagged and made it impossible to reconnect the valves. When I called for service they told me that it was not under warranty and I would be responsible for rebuilding the unit at my own expense.

So in reality they could give you a 100 year warranty on the shell because they know the base will cause the unit to be worthless long before the shell gives way. Don't Buy a Thermospas!!!

Review about: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States #1043244

Their warranty has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. But nobody takes the time to read the fine print BEFORE buying!

Yet they have their full warranty on their website available for download. All anyone reads/listens to is the warranty summary of 10-20 years without seeing it is a pro-rated warranty that practically disappears after 1-3 years!

Beverly Hills, Florida, United States #755594

The particle board rots and draw's snakes, roaches, frogs, mold and it can not be moved. I was told it would cost me $150.00 to throw it away.

Canton, Connecticut, United States #707433

Water is one of natures strongest forces it shapes canyon's and mountains.

Any manufacture could build a spa out of metal or wood products rust and rotting will occur if a leak goes not repaired and Ignored.. If I let my roof leak for years it may ruin my home .

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