Today is Feb. 17, 2010 and Thermospa charged my credit card on Jan.

12, 2010 for a replacement pump that they ordered for us on Jan. 8 and we still have not received it. Yesterday when my husband called to find out where the pump is their customer service rep. told my husband that it's only been a month or that maybe we should winterize our spa.

In the middle of the Winter!!!! Did she just get off a boat? I think I'm going to call Richard Blumenthal at the CT State Attorney's office because I don't think a business can charge your credit card until the product has shipped.

This is not our first problem with their customer service dept. I would recommend buying a spa from a smaller outfit that can handle any problems that come up in a timely manner.

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Does Shelly really exist her comment is the same on every post.


I've left countless numbers of messages directly for Shelly Favaro with no response. I have a hot tub I cannot use and the company refuses to do anything about it.

Thermospas is legally scamming people out of their hard earned money and getting away with it. Stay as far away from this business as you can or you will live to regret it.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.




I too, have been very disappointed in their customer service. Once you buy the spa, they are no longer able to respond to my question and keep having me call a different part of their company. It has been 6 months and I still have not been responded to in writing or phone.

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