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Do Not Buy From Thermospa!

I was told by the salesman this is the "Rolls Royce" of Hot Tubs, far from it. Worst service I have ever had from a company, no accountability for anything I am sorry to say.

I purchased a very expensive spa ($20K+) and have nothing but trouble with the spa and the company since they received my check! I enjoy using the parts that work, but cannot even think about how I was ripped off by them.

Delivery-TERRIBLE lazy, rude incompetent service and you can not even get them on the phone! The salesman (now gone) said one thing, delivery men another.

Service-Nonexistent, try calling (service) yourself before you buy, terminal hold, disconnects, numerous appointment no shows-wait over an hour on the phone for appointments weeks in advance (soonest you can get) wait all day (after confirming they were coming) only to have them no show! Twice I was told 2 different vehicles broke down on different occasions. Numerous cancellations and all day waits.

Orders for steps (the one they initially sold me was way to short to get in spa) lost numerous times, but double charged. Still trying months later to get money returned disputing it with credit card company-they have no idea what they are doing!

Nine months after purchasing spa, still not have remedied problemS that came with spa! No one calls you back except one nice lady that sells you the chemicals.


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I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.


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