I was given a 2.5 year old Thermospa recently. Thermospa recommended a moving compny for me and I used then for $500.

The move was uneventful and all was well. My electrician wired the span and we were great for 6 weeks. While in the tub the other night the GFI breaker tripped. By the process of elimination we found that the circulation pump is shorted out.

After calling ThermoSpa we were told tha thte warranty that the original owner bought is not transferable as they originally told him and I can't purchase my own as the spa needs repairs. The biggest issue is that the jet over the pump had a leak last year and was replaced. It is this leak that corroded the pump and made it fail. No customer service and a POS $10,000 hot tub that has needed repairs 4x in the last 2.5 years.

I would never purchase anything from this company.

I will get my chemicals and accessories elsewhere.

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Amazing, someone from the company takes time to ask for a reply and all you can do is Sh*t all over it. Don't be such an *** hole.

This guy got a USED tub and he wants the warranty to cover him. What F'uped logic is that?

By his logic, I should expect free service from Toyota, seeing how I bought a used Supra that now has issues. man, get a life.


Shelly Favaro is a pathological liar and has absolutely no business or communication skills.

It is a joke that she is the Customer Service manager for Thermospas and only further demonstrates this company has absolutely no integrity or honor.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.



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