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Mark, a manager for ThermoSpa claims that Thermo Spa is NOT responsible for Warranties on THIER SPA.

Our ThermoSpa Park Ave Platinum that was purchased thru ClassicSpa, who is Out of Business, has Broken Again! The connection T for the Ozone Sanitation system keeps breaking. We received the Spa on 8/30/07. On 12/18/09 we ordered parts to replace the defective "T" and on 12/30/09 we called to find out that the parts were not shipped, as promised, and that the Parts may not be available! To add insult to injury, Mark said that they could not check our order, check parts availability, or do ANYTHING until 01/04/10.

We live in the Mid-Atlantic region. last nights low- 17degrees.


Review about: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Preston Hollow, New York, United States #933153

Absolutely the worse possible company on earth

$30,000.00 and they act as if someone else sold us the spa

Rude service personnel

3 broken pumps

Flooded pool house

Ruined furniture and rugs These people should go to jail Warrantee - What a joke !!! Read the fine print !!!

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #586708

I purchased what was advertised as a top quality spa, what a sham, their service sucks, the warranty is full of holes. and i had to fix tha *** leak cause the service *** was more interested in trying to pick up my wife then to do his job.

they treated me with disrespect because i have a southern accent. i have documents showing this disrespect.

ill never again deal with any company from connecticut. *** thermospa


I'm truly disappointed... Against my better judgement I chose thermospas instead of buying local...

I've only had my spa for 1 year and it quit working...

I've tried to contact Customer service on Monday and I still haven't heard anything from the company...

However you can get through for NEW sales... It sounds like a SCAM...

If I don't hear anything by Monday at Noon; I'll be in contact with the Ohio Attorney General to resolve this issue...

Hope they do the right thing.


My hot tub quit running in December. It takes three days to get a repairman to my house.

He says it started running, but he couldn't find anything wrong. Leaves and says if problem happens again before before a date in January, there will not be a service charge. Called a couple days later to say it quit running. The temperature is in the low teens, so freezing is a real issue.

Repairman called back to advise he can't come until sometime in January. Called Thermospa and they advised the back economic times won't allow them to send a service man because of rolling layoffs and they won't pay overtime.

The companies solution was to drain the hot tub. The only solution is to tell everyone I know to never, ever under any circumstances to buy a Thermospa.


I need the head rests for my concord that I bought in 2007. I have contacted the company 3 times about the replacement pillows and still have not heard back from them.

I sent another (live customer support) email tonight. Lets see if I get a response from this one.


I have had the same problems with Thermospa I will never buy another tub from them! I needed some parts for another hose problem like the ones you mention here I also needed some special gaskets for the heater seal.

I had them comout to fix my tub once and they were rude like your stories about I think they screwed my hose seal up when they installed the replacement valve that they put in backwards from the factory. Needless to say the I hope my parts arrive so I can fix their screw up. After countless arguments with them over my hot tub cover melting for no reason I have found that its not worth the fight they need a completly new service department everyone should be fired and hired new!

I will not let them on my property ever again. Good luck to all of you ...only advice is to sell your tub if you can find a buyer!!


I agree with all the above comments. Absolutly the worst customer service ever.

My spa part were ordered in the beginning of June, my credit card was charged for these parts in the beginning of June. To date (7-17-11) I have no parts and when I called them I was told " I don't know what happened to your parts.) High priced rip-off indeed!



I have been dealing with the service dept. at Thermospas for the past 8 weeks.

They have still not go tmy hot tub working.

The Manager of the service dept. has been very condescending with me.

The service technician was due to come on Saturday and never called or came.

Very UNHAPPY with the way they have treated me!!


I commiserate... I purchased my thermospa in 2007 and once the crew had connected it "Poof" no customer service, no repair support, nothing.

And I bought mine diirectly from Thermospa! They broke the slats on the rar of the cabinet during installation then insulted me by merely shipping me some slats to replace them ... I ave had three hoses rupture and I don't think the ozonator was ever working right.

Theromspas == expensive rip-off if you ask me, and anywhere that reviews them, I give them a 1 out of five. :(


I understand your frustration. I made a service appointment 3 weeks ago for after 1pm tomorrow and just received a call from the service man.

While laughing at me on the phone I was told he would not be coming after 1, and told me He could be here in the morning when no one will be home. He couldn't understand why I don't want him on my property when I'm not home, much less trust him not to put the screws to me with the price, when he is on the phone laughing. Also said he wasn't going to be out in the heat in the afternoon. Now when I called to make the appt.

the service dept. said after 1pm was no problem. Then someone else called me back and tried to get me to allow this fool on my property. I told him it would be ok after I was home.

Needless to say I will have to fix the thing myself.

I am disabled, barely working part time, and now will have to take time off to fix it myself.

Their customer service leaves ALOT to be desired.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.



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