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i purchased a lexington elite in may 2005, for almost 8000.00. from the start it was plagued with water leaks.

the tech that was comming out was more interested in my wife then fixing my tub. i eventually found the leak. then sparky cobbled up the job and it still seeps today. then my electrical board gave out.

i have a written 10 year 100% warranty on electrical componants, with a 100.00 copay. on the bottom of the warranty it says " prices subject to change without notice." chris now says that means they only have to give me 25% of the cost of the board. seems to me, that means, we hold the cards, and we can change the game anytime we want to.

typical run around. never, i mean never, would i recommend one of these pieces of *** on my worst enemy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: send me the board and ill hire someone to put it in, or send someone other then sparky to fix this damn tub.

I didn't like: Warrantys not honored.

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I would never never recommend a thermospa. Their hot tubes are garbage!

We paid $9100.00 for the park elite. It had numerous Leaks, was very noisy when pump 1 ran and after 3 years we started to get bubbles all over the interior of the hot tub. It was purchased May 2001. Called the company and was told that in that year they encountered defective shells.

Told me if I paid half of the cost of a new one they would replace it. What a joke!! They admit they had a problem and do not honor their product 100%. We work hard for our money and wanted to enjoy a hot tub that is why we invested in one.

I have just thrown out my hard earned money to a company that screws honest people!! Stay way from Thermospa unless you have money to throw away!


I have a 2005 Park Avenue that we paid $6000. The service tech was a nice guy, however when it came to replacing the primary pump motor I was responsible to look and get the info off of it.

I was well in the warranty period but given grief and treated really rudely as a customer. I paid labor I believe. At the end of it I was really peed off, you don't treat customers like that. A year later same problem it currently needs the pump rebuilt.

It was a nice spa in the beginning 2 years. I'm glad the closed because Parts /customers service sucked hard ,but not well.

to Heywood jablowme Thermospas #1019526

Use balboa parts, they are an exact match and the dealer I used was a big help in the set up. I theres nothing thermospa in my tub except the tub itself. by the way, balboa makes the thermospa parts, and sells them for much less.

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