Thermo Spas is going out of business. I recently purchased a thermo spa and the entire spa is falling apart.

The shell broke, the cheap cover broke and the entire thing leaks from everywhere. I found out that the so called "brand new spa" you are buying is made from used parts. You are not buying a new spa-like you see on the website, it is a total scam. If you do not believe me, read all of the complaints and lawsuits against them.

All you have to do is google thermo spas and you will see the truth. Not what you see on the website. The spas are made with used parts from a junkyard behind the factory in Wallingford, CT, Go there if you don't believe me. All these spas were returned for defects in the shells which sounds like thermospa is standing behind their product by taking those back and replacing them but now using the junkyard for scrap parts in the new spas.

You cannot buy replacement parts because their vendors have cut them off. Just try to call and order a part if you don't believe me. They will have to go out the back dumpster to find you a part. They have just laid off more than half their employees because they are going out of business and very poor management.

Just read the reviews about them if you do not believe what I am writing. All of this is the truth. If you buy a spa you will learn the hard way!!!!

Check out the numerous BBB complaints.

Review about: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

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