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I purchased a Thermospas Park Avenue Diamond back in January 2009, and I paid $16,500.00 for the tub. The tub was delivered last week of February 2009.

The tub was installed without the cover lift that I ordered. The lift was supposely on backorder. I did receive the lift the first week of April. I have called and called Thermospas to come and attach the cover lift. They have told me numberous times they would be out within the week and as of today May 2, 2009, the lift still is not on the tub.

If I had it to do over I would not purchase the tub from Thermospas. My salesman from here in Kentucky was great, but the group at the factory in CT has been awful.

Thank you and please look at the other tubs before you are sucker into Thermospas sales pitch.

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Monetary Loss: $16.

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Thermospas president Andrew Tournas should step down. He is not as he appears to be.

For someone in the position as founder and president of a company such as this he sets a poor example for married high level executives.

Beware Andrew Tournas's wife. He's a cheater and womanizer.


Several years ago a thermospa sales person came to my house. The salesperson was arogant and the sales practices were awfull.

After sitting through his sales pitch for a while, we gladly told him to pack up and leave the house.

I followed up with Thermospa headquarters and never received any comment back. I should thank him for helping me not buy from Thermospa...


We bought our spa in April of 06 it was installed June of 06 three months pass need a new blower few more months pass need new blower the pillows wore out the first year we just removed them no way were we paying for new ones the laser jets have blown off the pulsating jets have blown off one problem after the other call for service what a joke for the 12,445.02 we paid for this spa we should have NO PROBLEMS we should have taken that trip with our retirement check not bought a thermo spa WHAT A BIG MISTAKE I want thermo spa to give me a full refund that would make me happy I've been waiting three weeks in this cold weather for a repairman to fix my current problem and the service call is costing me another 150.00 and who knows on the parts we should not be charged a dime for any of this thermospa should stand by their product not rip people off I'm going to put it out there as well to not buy from thermospa WHAT A LOSS WITH NO HELP FROM THE COMPANY///////


Update! Upon posting Thermospas DID contact me the next day!

They DID get the leaks fixed and charged me a reduced price.....however, now there are black stains (really attractive!) at each spot where the acrylic bubbled.

I was told to take pics and email them. I have been waiting now for about a month for a reply in regards to we go again?!


Cheryl and all Customers responding- Please feel free to contact me. I would like to review and resolve your concern.


Shelly Favaro


Customer Relations Manager


Yes, I have all of the above listed issues with Thermospa. We bought our hot tub in NY in 2001.

We moved the tub to NC in 2002. We took a settlement for the acrylic bubbling, have had leaks repaired (at our cost for ALL of the jets) and it has been sitting for OVER one year now waiting for someone to come and fix the leak again. They send me a bill once a year for the broken tub however. I refuse to pay until it is functioning.

Customer service reps are difficult to get ahold of and when you do speak with one, yes they lie. Someone was supposed to be contacting me 4 months ago to finish the repair.

I am still waiting. DO NOT buy THERMOSPA!!!!


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.



paid cash for a thermospas , we were told that it would be be delivered the week of the 16th of november, i called to find out the exact date and was told that it was going through the final process and would not be delivered until november 30th , well its november 30th and guess what still no spa ! i called the this morning to be told that they were waiting on a part and that they didnt know when it would arrive what a joke !

we want our money back we told them this and we were told that we could have our money back but we would only get 75% as far as i am concerned they have broken the contract not once but twice ! is this legal does anyone know !


I worked for them for ten years, i heard these stories all the time. The employees at the service department were not ever doing it on purpose, they had no choice.

They are in huge money problems right now. They cant get parts or services from other vendors because they are soooo in debt. They had a lawsuit pending for the acrylic problem. They were suing for bad acrylic and bad fiberglass but lost do to them being the ones that mix the fiber glass incorrectly.

People there take everything as a joke, there is no respect for the company. Its sad, if the management including the owner Andy Tournas and Kyle Tournas his son would get a degree in buisness management maybe things would be a little better.


Their salesmen are jerks and their marketing strategy is annoying of course. I would not purchase a spa from them unless I lived within walking distance of a high-level exec, that I could physically 'put my hands on' so to speak. In that case, I would feel confident I would get really awesome customer service from a company that sells this way.


This sounds a lot like Blue World Pools. They would sell Hot tubs during the swimming pool off-season so they could continue to rip people off year round.

Good Luck!


I too bought a Thermoscat park Ave spa. The customer service is ***.

I had a problem with the tub and we were back and forth on the phone for 4 months. Yes 4 months! They sent the part ground. Now if you bought a new tub and there was an issue wouldn't you send parts overnight and have a technician install them and check the tubs function?

well no, not them, they are inbred idiots! NO SERVICE WHATSOEVER!

Once they have your money it's like who are you?

Kind of like a used car salesman only slimier. DO NOT BUY FROM THERMOSCAT!!!


I ordered parts 6 weeks ago from Thermospa, wrong parts arrived. returned parts after contacting sales and new parts were to be shipped that day.

WELL I'm still waiting and they always tell me that that are behind and will be shipped that day again. IT HAS TO BE A PREREQUISITE TO LIE WELL TO WORK THERE!!!!!!!!


I hate to say it but your in for more heartache than you can imagine. Your nightmare has just begun...wait till the leaks start and the acrylic starts to bubble. You think Thermospa is blowing you off now!

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