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Bought our Olympian in 2006 from salesman. Paid a premium to get the best tub (or so we thought) Since delivery lots of issues including internal leak, rotted floor inside shell (its particle board!), bad pump, air leak, plastic casing that cracks in cold weather, horrible customer support and satisfaction, inexperienced delivery guys, poor written instructions and a general lack of any concern on the part pf the company.The internal constructions seems shoddy for the price (over 14K).

Business as usual....well not from me.

Buy local, buy from a well respected brand....throw the thermospas DVD/brochure out now!!!!!

Review about: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Nothing but problems from Themospa, the tub pillows are not shot twice, the jets are coming out of the tub, the light keeps burning out, the pump had to be replaced twice by a technician that had no training, and the warranty for the price is ***.


I'm willing to join any class action suit against thermospas. I've only had my spa for 2 months and it's been a nightmare. details in comment above.


I bought a Manhattan model spa from ThermoSpas in late May 2010. I can only sum up my experience with them as poor workmanship, poor customer service, and non-responsive. I would never buy a spa from them again and I hope you will all help me spread the word so that others do not get trapped paying a premium price for a bargain basement spa. Here is what has happened in the less than the two months I’ve had the spa:

Poor Workmanship:

1. LED lighting causes the breaker to trip intermittently.

2. Water line had missing clamp causing flood after 15 minutes of use.

3. Blower stopped working because main line from blower to check valve was not cemented in place.

4. Spa initially delivered with used cover.

5. Direction that came with spa lifter were completely wrong and kit was missing parts.

Poor Service:

1. Initial service call to get used cover replaced was “lost”.

2. Had hassle getting new cover .

3. Delivery service promised was not provided.

4. The first time I needed service I had to wait 1 week and the service technician never showed.

5. The second and third times I needed service I had to wait 3 weeks for the earliest appointment.

6. On the most recent service visit, the technician didn’t have any of the 3 parts needed to properly diagnose the problem with the LED. He had to order all the parts which he said will take 1-2 weeks. Once I receive the parts I will have to call to set up another appointment which will likely be another 3 weeks.

7. They do not have any “local” service technicians. The ones who have come to my house have driven 4 hours to get here.


1. I initially brought these issues up to my salesperson who said “We take this seriously and someone will get back to you in a few days”. Two months later I’m still waiting.

2. I sent an email to their customer service manager (based on her comment in the blogs I saw) a month after sending my concerns to the salesperson. I never got an acknowledgement from her and it’s been over a month since I sent the email.

3. I sent a snail mail letter to the president of the company and have not gotten any acknowledgement on this either.

PS. Ignore the message from Shelly above. It's BS. I wrote to her and never got any acknowledgement or response after 2 months.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with our company. ThermoSpas strives to give the best customer service possible but we realize there is always room for improvement. Please contact me directly to resolve your concerns.

Best Regards,

Shelly Favaro

Customer Relations Manager

ThermoSpas Inc.



Purchased a thermospa 'Concord elite' in 2001. Noticed bubbles in the acrylic within 6 months.

The company that it was purchased through (classic spas) is no longer in business. They acknowledged having acrylic problems, and indicated that they were working with Thermospa to replace the shell. There was substantial documentation of problems within the 3 yr.,100% shell warranty. Couldn't get the time of day from thermospa.

They finally said they would replace the shell for $1200. Also had jet nipples break off because the attached tubing was too short. Refused to pay for replacement parts and finally received them 'free of charge'. Two additional jet nipples fractured before tub was taken out of service due do shell problems.

Had leaks at the filter inlet and another under 'wine chiller', in a manifold. also had water around the 'ozonator'. Cheap plywood is all buckled from the leaks.

Way overpriced for the quality and headache. I'm all for the lawsuit-- have talked with the Attorney Generals office in Ohio.


Here is some long needed f/u to my original post. After lots of e mails, phone calls and letters to thermospas the local salesman helped us out and got us replacement parts for free.

It should not have been this painful! Inside of tub floor is particle board...yes mush after moisture sits there for a while I have patched it up with plywood to keep the pumps from falling thru the bottom. At this price should be marine grade plywood I mean c'mon particle board? The jets keep popping out and are brittle plastic...not worth replacing.

Electric consumption no where near as low as they let on...1$ a day they told me....try 2$ a day or more. The main issue is the service...crappy. The service guy came out once and basically tried to hard sell a whole bunch of maintenance stuff to my wife. :? After each cleaning the pumps need to be reprimed manually which means taking the side panels off....a real pain in the winter....the plastic trex panels are brittle and snap into small pieces.

The instruction manual at the time we purchased was garbage. I think now they are online so that's better. Chemicals...ahhh the other big money maker for them. Buy cheap chlorine online.

Unless you have allergies or sensitivities don't but their expensive junk. That's it.


Called Thermospas to get a quote, got the runaroud, prices start at 4k. Salesman came over was rude to both myself and my wife.

Told us we did not know anything about spas and he had been in the business for years.

When we told him we wanted to spend about $8,000 for a spa, he got up and told us to go buy one from Costco.

If this company is this bad when trying to sell you a spa I cannot even imagine how bad they would be after the sale is made.

Stay away from Thermospa at all costs.


I was 'sold' and started working on my hubby to get a Thermospa for our new home. After reading all the bad reviews, I will NOT buy one.

We had a Bullfrgo at our last house, GREAT product and GREAT service from the local dealer, the one time we had an issue (in 5 years, was minor issue and they came out and fixed for FREE!

Service call and all). I'll have to keep looking, thanks for the feedback!


Just sitting here on a Saturday afternoon watching an infomercial about Thermospa. Just looking at the internal construction, I can see that their insulation system is less than adequate for Northern Michigan's climate.

Sure do like having the internet to see what these companies actually do when there is a problem. I owned a Hot Springs and was very satisfied. Watkins is a great company and of course you have to have a local dealer that knows what the heck their doing when servicing. I pretty much serviced my own when something went wrong.

The dealer warranty was great and all parts were free for the 4 years I owned it. I miss my Hot Springs. Guernelli, your free advertising is the best way to get back at these jerks.

Do it wherever and whenever you can. Thanks for your review.


I got the same exact hot tub and the same exact problems. Theres enough unhappy customers...couldnt we get a class action suit against Thermospa cause your right THEY DONT CARE!

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