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I purchased a park avenue model spa from thermospa 3 years ago and now a ozon generator has broken.The spa has a 10 year warranty.I have made many phone calls and sent emails to the maintenance/repair section with no results . They won't answer the phone ,return call or answer email.

I don't advise anyone to purchase from this company.The warrany is useless if you can't contact anyone for service.The cost of the ozon generator listed in owner's handbook is $599.99. I can't even find a way to order the part if I was to pay for it,

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I had a similar problem some years ago and they told me the warranty didn't cover extras like the ozonator or the ionization unit. I found a replacement ozonator from In The Swim for about 1/3 the price.

I would advise you do a Google search on line for ozonators or ozone generators and contact other companies.

It is an easy part to replace. Just check yours first to see if it is 110V or 220V and what the power plug looks like so that you can order one with the same voltage/plug.

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