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I've was given information that would probably explaine the bad service you all may have gotten. this compnay was recnetly moved to the west coast and is in transition in making things 100% when it comes to service, customer service, parts order etc.

I purchased my thermospas back in August and i had a wonderful experience. even though my delivery was delayed my delivery person was very informative of the reason for the delay and kept me in the loop thru the whole process. i was very satisfied with that. information is key.

When my my tub finally arrived contractor was just awesome. he was very knowledgabde and explained everything in detailed on how to operate my new tub. Once i was able to hook it up and finally enjoy i didnt want to get out. My bones felt more relaxed and was able to sleep like i havent in years.

I recommend thermospas to all. Keep inmind all companys fall short of their promise but this product is just GREAT!

Review about: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Boy this is definitely an employee of thermospa.


this is true they were moved out to california. i also purchased a thermospas and absolutley love my spa. I would too recommend it to all

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #934871

Not true, they did not "move out to california." The company went bankrupt in 2012, and was bought by Jacuzzi. Initially all of their customer's and techs were jerked around.

Some former tech's took to servicing the customers they had come to know, because Thermospas Inc. would (1) Lie to the customer with warranties, stating that a "factory" trained technician would be sent out to their location, (2) Tell the customer that parts were in short supply and that the part had been ordered, (3) Charge the credit card on file, and tell the customer that the part had been shipped, only to have the part arrive 3-4 months after.

Be careful when dealing with Thermospas, they really lost their way and they truly screwed their own people and customers. I should know, I used to work for these folks.

to No more bubbles Chino, California, United States #959892

Jacuzzi did by this company and where is Jacuzzi Located?IN CALIFORNIA. If your going to write a review at least tell the truth, everything in this review is GARBAGE. I love my hotub, company sent my parts on time and had ZERO problems with my hotub had tit for 2 years.

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