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We purchased a Concord Gold Spa on 6/27/2014 and have had nothing but trouble since before we even received the hot tub! To begin with, these pro's 'drop-shipped' the wrong hot tub!

That's right. My husband taking a day off work had to CONVINCE the 2 person (one with a broken arm) special delivery team who had already pushed the hot but off a nearly broken down cart onto our property that this was NOT the hot tub we ordered, all the while trying to CONVINCE HIM it was! THREE HOURS LATER, and several discussions with the folks in Connecticut later, my husband had to assist these ‘pro's’ in getting the wrong hot tub loaded back up to the cart for these pro’s to haul it out of here. Thus, a delay in receiving our hot tub and a wasted day off work.

Oh yes, we did ask and received compensation for this. Now, since early spring, we have noticed the water level dropping. Thinking it was just condensation, we didn’t become too concerned until recently when we noticed the concrete becoming more and more wet around the hot tub. So now, with the so-called supreme hot tub of hot tubs and manufacturers who take pride in building this unit to the latest design specs, we wait for the faulty plumbing issue to be resolved as what little is left of summer ticks by.

Reaching a customer service representative at ThermoSpas is simple. And ThermoSpas then informed us that they will contact their SUBCONTRACTOR in the area. Now, that lets ThermoSpa get out of direct customer care and their commitment by stating they will contact their subcontractor; with no time frame. Note the debacle and description of said subcontractors who were in charge of the initial drop ship of the WRONG hot tub.

And so as we wait to be contacted by ThermoSpa’s subcontractor to repair the leak, we felt compelled to inform those who may be in the market to purchase a ‘cadillac of hot tubs’ to be wary of this company who purports their hot tubs to “last a lifetime” but we can testify otherwise. Once this company has their money, which begins at the price of a new small vehicle, $12,000, you are not as important as the salesman (in our case Todd Brabender from southern Indiana) told us the company would ensure we would be. Not to mention Todd never returned a single phone call when things began to go bad. Now, right at a year later, the hot tub developed a leak and still no resolve.

Best time of the year to use our hot tub and still no word on when it will be repaired. Wow! Wouldn't you think a company that can pull down the profits like ThermoSpas does should invest more in manufacturing their hot tubs the way they say they would? So they will not develop problems and if they do, take care of them?

So we sit and look at our so-called investment.

Thinking perhaps we should have instead purchased a pool instead of a hot tub. More importantly, not from an out of state vendor who apparently has no real vested interest in our satisfaction.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of thermospas hot tubs customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2500. ThermoSpas Hot Tubs needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Well maybe honda builds one? You should look.

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