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I bought an excess inventory Thermospa Pool Cover CT on 28 November 2011 at advertised price. It took two months before they finally delivered.

It arrived two days , the shipper had apparently damaged one of them so I refused damaged delivery. Thermospa refuses to give me replacement unless I pay full price for a new one and delivery charges. They claim no damage done even though UPS agreed and we have photographs to prove it.

They just seem to want to charge full price for a new one instead. Classic "Bait and switch" type of tactics it appears to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thermospas Hot Tubs Hot Tub.

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Now Thermospa denies the cover even had damage inspite of the photographic evidence. Of course they refuse to send pictures of the one they claim has no damages.

I asked for a full refund. Still have not received it.


Well Byran, I didn't damage it, UPS did, why should I pay for or accept their damaged goods. AS IS does not include extra shipping damages in any state law.

Costs more than fifty buck to go from Fl to CT, I don't own a corporate jet. I don't want a refund, I want my Spa Cover as agreed to and paid for without the extra holes in it.

A reputable company would replace it and file claim themselves with UPS. Like I said, a reputable company.


I looked into this, and you purchased an item that was being sold "as is", do you often try to get refunds on clearance items? Even if it had not been as is, why would it be the companies fault that ups decided to not be careful with merchandise? If your going to have a hot tub, try popping the extra fifty bucks and go to the store yourself.

to Bryan Phoenix, Arizona, United States #630933

Your attitude alone is enough to post on my facebook not to buy your product! Also I might drop a few lines on the U.A.W. International "hot lists" of *** Companies with *** products and *** attitudes!

Thats the problem with you people who own Companies and sell exspensive *** produts! Totally ripped off the public, then insult them to make yourself feel better.

Well, I hate to tell you this, u ***.....

I will make it my point today to let every single person I know, and some I dont; to NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS!

Way to go Bryan. I can tell you this. You didnt start this business. It was someone else who put their time, money and energy into it. You sound like a spoiled rotten 2nd generation brat! Who has NEVER broken a sweat in his life! Your family should make you go work for a fast food joint for a year! that will pull your head out of your ***!

to Sick of Companies like you! Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #650296

I got sucker in the same BS about a demo and paid 15K on a Park Ave,Platium what themospa fails to relize is for every one sales to do get they loose several due to postings like this one, so themospa hows sales, I will never buy a Themospa, I replace one motor, the head rests are breaking down, and the spa cover lasted 4years and it was suppose to be their best....

BOTTOM LINE anyone can do much better than Themospa......

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